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The Lord’s Prayer: Praying as Jesus Taught

The Lord’s Prayer: Praying as Jesus Taught

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The Lord’s Prayer: Praying as Jesus Taught, a beautifully designed, 4-week Bible Study where you will learn the different aspects found in The Lord's Prayer and hopefully give you tools for talking with and connecting with God. 

Of all the spiritual disciplines we engage in, prayer is likely the one we struggle to feel adequate in the most. We can be excited about the progress we are making in our Scripture reading or the memorization we are doing, our ability to get alone in solitude with God, or the fruits of our spiritual journaling; but when it comes to prayer, it’s likely you would say, “My prayer life could use improvement.” If there is one thing I’ve heard from believers again and again, it’s something along the lines of, “My prayer life isn’t what it needs to be.”

If you are feeling this way, trust me, you aren’t alone! We feel the same way!

In this study, our goal is to implement what we learn, so we have incorporated practical action steps to take throughout the study. We hope this study is a blessing in your life, and please do share your takeaways as we learn better together!

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