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Pray Your Purpose Bundle

Our hands-on Pray Your Purpose Bundle will show you exactly how to do that by creating your own "purpose" prayer plan to use in conjunction with your daily calendar.

This bundle will show you our Purpose Scripture + Daily Calendar + ARRRC Prayer Strategy for finding daily purpose in YOUR life!

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Jen's Favorite: Becoming Battle Ready: A Study of Spiritual Warfare and the Armor of God

As we study the important and beautiful passage of scripture found in Ephesians 6:10-20,  we must remember to focus on Christ and not on satan.

We must see the battle for what it is, but also recognize that we have already won the war, even as we fight.  

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AJ's favorite: Fresh Start: 4-Week Bible Study

We're praying that we better understand His workings in our lives, recognize how He is showing up in our days, and draw down on the power of His spirit to fulfill the good works He’s created for us to do. 

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Explore God's Word Collection

The ultimate collection of unique and creative ways to study the Bible. You know God's Word is life-changing... but sometimes you just want more from your time in Scripture. Our collection of Watch-on-Demand Workshops will teach you how to engage with the Bible in rich, meaningful ways.

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Scripture Safari Bundle

The Scripture Safari is a collection of family-friendly activities focusing on 5 special animals found in the Bible and how they were each used by God. You and your family will be reminded that if God can use animals, He can certainly use us!

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