First Things First: A Book Study on Haggai: 4-week Bible Study

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Book studies are a great way to dive deep into God’s word while exploring the context and background of a passage. They help develop critical thinking skills, expand our understanding of Scripture as a whole, and also deepen our knowledge of God. During this study, you'll learn how to study a book of the Bible using the "6 Eyes" approach. The skills you learn this month while studying this short book of Haggai can be used to study any book in God’s word. 

Chances are, you’ve never studied the book of Haggai before, maybe never even read it.  Well, that is getting ready to change! During this four week study, you’ll read this short book multiple times and mine many treasures from the text. 

Study includes daily assignments (5 days per week) for 4 weeks. All you need is your Bible and a pen!

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